What Happened at the Vanguard Power World of Concrete Booth?

Vanguard® applies power better than the rest. We used our expertise to develop a new line of single-cylinder, horizontal shaft commercial engines. Built to outperform the competition in overall performance, true power, user-comfort and maintenance — and deliver what our customers care about. 

Visitors to the World of Concrete booth got to see our Single Advantage Experience — live, hands-on demonstrations that prove how Vanguard single-cylinder engines outperform the competition. 

Live demos allowed show attendees to experience the benefits of our single-cylinder features first-hand.

Experience Pull Starting.

With a shorter rope pull and lower pull force, Vanguard's commercial-style carburetor takes less effort to start — even down to -20 degrees F.

Experience No More Oil/Fuel Dilution, Ever.

Vanguard's exclusive TransportGuard™ System guards against costly downtime. Simply turn the 3-in-1 control to the STOP position to shut off the engine ignition and fuel supply simultaneously. 

Experience Fewer Air Filter Changes and Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Cyclonic air filtration extends air filter replacement intervals to 600 hours — twice as long as the competition.

Experience Continuous 45 Degree Operation in Any Direction.

Vanguard's optional High Inclination Package maintains fuel delivery — gas and oil won't flood the breather. Up your high terrain game with no smoking. And no choking.

Thanks for coming out to World of Concrete 2020!