A New Kind of Power Statement

The Vanguard® commercial battery is leading the next generation of electrified power. The flexible integrated lithium-ion battery system delivers versatile power and performance that can be configured for multiple capacities and voltages. 

Why Electrified Power?

It’s time to leverage an increasingly practical, sustainable — and in demand —power source. Get an instant edge in electrification with:

  • Reduced maintenance downtime 
  • Lower noise levels 
  • Fast recharging 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Reliable power

Why Vanguard Batteries?

We’re here to help you find answers to your electrification needs — not to simply sell you a battery. Let us help you integrate and apply Vanguard battery power so you can deliver productivity, performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

The complete Vanguard battery is:

  • Seamless

    Integrated mounting points make it easy to stack multiple batteries for required power based on application needs.


  • Universal

    Outer metal shell provides maximum protection.


  • Flexible

    Modular internal components can be configured for multiple capacities and voltages.


  • Intelligent

    The Battery Management System monitors, controls and protects the battery preventing misuse and abuse, safeguarding your investment.


  • Unrivalled

    Personalized integration support plus a 3 year warranty. 


Connect to the Future

We know that product interconnectivity increases efficiencies and lowers total cost of ownership. We also know accessible data can significantly impact decisions that increase productivity. That’s why Vanguard embeds technology to monitor battery usage, collect product performance data and allow for remote monitoring. The future is connected — and so are Vanguard batteries. 

Let our experts help you learn how Vanguard Batteries can fit your needs, fill out our form below for more information!