The Vanguard Commercial Battery is the only fully integrated, complete solution in the market. Our battery pack with Battery Management System (BMS), vehicle control unit and charger were designed to work seamlessly with each other, for the most efficient performance.

Why Vanguard Batteries?

  1. Efficient- Packs can be combined in parallel for additional capacity.
  2. Flexibility- Two customizable CANbus networks allowing for integration with legacy systems. Prequalified and plug in ready charging system that can be mounted on or off-board.
  3. Operational Confidence- Integrated battery management system. Three levels of safety at the battery level: 2 redundant main power contactors and cell level.
  4. Easy Troubleshooting- CANbus diagnostics.
  5. Increased Uptime- Up to 2000 cycle life. All major components are serviceable.
  • Serviceable

    All major components supported in our Global Service Network.

  • Easy Installation

    Integrated mounting points make it easy to stack multiple batteries for required power based on application need.

  • Ultimate Durability

    Outer metal shell provides maximum protection.

  • Flexibility

    Modular internal components can be configured for multiple capacities and voltages.

  • Cell Compatibility

    All chemistries available based on application needs. Uses 18650 or 21700 cells.

  • Battery Management System

    Customized performance and communication for your application.