Global Commercial Limited Warranties

Briggs & Stratton’s global warranty for commercial engines is a result of listening to the needs of its customers. In today’s global marketplace, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) routinely distribute their products to multiple regions of the world. For these OEMs, a single, global warranty is the logical way to provide marketing and product support consistency. Briggs & Stratton is also committed to leading the industry in warranty support systems. The commercial engine warranties are backed by the Briggs & Stratton global service network. This network is equipped with a 24-hour parts support system in the United States and electronic claims filing to expedite parts delivery and warranty payment.

These limited warranties cover Vanguard and Commercial Series air-cooled, gasoline engines installed on commercial equipment with the exception of home standby generators, which are covered under their own specific warranties.

Vanguard 200/400 Single-Cylinder (H/S) Engine Offer 

Register your engine and receive an extra year of commercial limited warranty.*
Vanguard Warranties

For more details on our Commercial Limited Warranties, download our warranty policy.

*Offer not valid in California, United States or Quebec, Canada.

**Three-year commercial limited warranty applies to Commercial Series engines manufactured after June 30, 2017.