Welcome to the future of power – where innovation meets sustainability. Our case studies showcase real-world examples of how we work with OEMs that are making the transition to a cleaner, more efficient, and electrified future. Explore these success stories to witness the transformative power of electrification.


Allen Engineering®

Vanguard and Kraft Fluid Systems help Allen Engineering Corporation reach zero-emissions status by electrifying a concrete buggy.

Paul Forrer

Vanguard and Paul Forrer, a leading provider of hydraulics, drive technology and motor equipment, electrify a push rod system.



Vanguard and Pagani unveil the first ever fully electric, static and dynamic penetrometer.


Vanguard and ROM develop the world’s first all-electric toilet servicing machine.

Lawn & Garden


ELIET developed a self-propelled, battery-operated chipper/shredder using Vanguard™ Commercial Batteries.


Club Car®

Vanguard tees up a powerful battery solution for Club Car, the industry leader in golf carts and utility vehicles.


Vanguard and Argo team up to develop an off-road commercial application that can go nearly anywhere using a Vanguard fixed battery system.



Vanguard and Technotrade help Cronos with a unique solution: a battery-powered autonomous agricultural vehicle.