We looked for ways to reduce downtime associated with the most significant maintenance item – engine oil. The result is the groundbreaking Oil Guard System.


Savings Calculator

Find out how much you can save each season with Oil Guard.

  • Easy-fill cap and integrated oil filter make oil changes easier, cleaner and faster

  • Unique dry sump system ensures off-angle lubrication and minimizes thermal breakdown of oil

  • High-capacity external oil reservoir keeps oil and engine cooler

>  500 Hour Oil Maintenance Intervals

       Less downtime means more time on the job.

>  60% Cost Savings

       Per season, per unit on oil maintenance.*

>  Cleaner, Faster, Easier Oil Changes

       An easy fill cap and integrated oil filter make oil changes faster and simple.

*Cost savings based on standard oil maintenance with 100-hour interval versus Oil Guard system 500 hour service interval