Maximize the life of your equipment by repowering with a Vanguard® engine for ultimate ROI. When you repower with Vanguard you have warranty-certified, direct replacement engine solutions.

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Replacing an Engine

Consider the amount of life left in the equipment to ensure that repowering is a cost competitive option. If the answer is yes, you’ll need to evaluate your engine application needs to determine the best fit engine for your equipment. Whether you’re shopping on price, power or warranty, we’ve got the commercial repower options to maximize your equipment life and job productivity.


Repower Considerations

  • Type of shaft, vertical or horizontal 

  • Horsepower required to power the equipment

  • Envelope and bolt pattern 

  • Crankshaft specifications (diameter, height, length) 

  • Starter and alternator needs

  • Special considerations like a drain hose or muffler specification

Lineup of Replacement Engines from Vanguard

The new Vanguard single-cylinder commercial engines make engine repowers easy, as they are a direct, drop-in replacement for the Honda GX line.

For technical, pricing, or other service-related questions about repowering with Vanguard commercial engines, ask your Vanguard dealer for more information.