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Vanguard Frequently Asked Questions

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Advanced Engine Repair

If you have some basic repair projects under your belt, dive into these more complex methods for repairing your small engine. Read More »

Becoming a Briggs & Stratton Commercial Dealer

For more information about becoming a Briggs & Stratton dealer, contact Power Distributors at 614-534-2150 Read More »

Vanguard/Commercial Series Engine Identification

The Model, Type and Trim numbers, stamped directly into the engine, are used to identify our engines. Learn where to find them! Read More »

How Can I Find Part Number For Engine Replacement Parts?

Use your engine's Identified Parts List (IPL) to find all the correct parts for your Vanguard commercial engine. Read More »

Does Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power Offer a Toll Free Number?

For your engine questions, please call our Answer Center at 1-800-999-9333. Service locations and frequently asked questions are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Read More »

Engine Problem Solving Tips

Many engine performance problems can be linked to maintenance issues such as stale fuel, dirty air filter, fouled spark plug, and deteriorated oil. Read More »

Fuel recommendations

Make sure your 4-stroke engine fuel meets these recommendations and see which fuel is indeed best for you. Read More »

What is the right spark plug and gap for my engine?

Learn how & where to find the right spark plug and a gap chart to guide you through gapping spark plugs in this Vanguard engine FAQ. Read More »

Briggs and Stratton Parts List & Repair Manual

If you are looking for your engine's part list or operator's manual, find out how and be prepared with this Vanguard FAQ. Read More »

Oil recommendations

For information regarding the oil capacity for your commercial engine, please visit our Oil Capacity FAQ. Read More »