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Vanguard Tips & Troubleshooting

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Advanced Engine Repair

If you have some basic repair projects under your belt, dive into these more complex methods for repairing your small engine. Read More

Becoming a Briggs & Stratton Commercial Dealer

For more information about becoming a Briggs & Stratton Commercial Dealer, contact Power Distributors at 614-534-2150. Read More

Briggs and Stratton Parts List & Repair Manual

If you are looking for your engine's part list or operator's manual, find out how and be prepared with this Vanguard FAQ. Read More

Does Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power Offer a Toll Free Number?

For Vanguard engine questions, please call our dedicated, expert technical support representatives at 800-527-4007 from 8AM-8PM EST. Read More

Electrical Schematic & Wiring Diagrams

Look no further to find the electrical schematics or wiring diagram for your Vanguard commercial engine as well as alternator guides and resources. Read More

Engine Problem Solving Tips

Many engine performance problems can be linked to maintenance issues such as stale fuel, dirty air filter, fouled spark plug, and deteriorated oil. Read More

Fuel recommendations

Make sure your 4 stroke spark ignited engine fuel meets these recommendations and see which fuel is indeed best for you. Read More

How Can I Find Part Number For Engine Replacement Parts?

Use your engine's Identified Parts List (IPL) to find all the correct parts for your Vanguard commercial engine. Read More

How can I obtain a safety data sheet?

When it comes to engines, safety always comes first. Learn how to obtain your engine's safety data sheet by either our contact form or via phone. Read More

How do I troubleshoot & repair common engine problems?

Having engine problems? Use this comprehensive guide when troubleshooting issues such as an engine not starting, is stalling, surging or running rough. Read More