Award Roundup: Vanguard™ Commercial Batteries Recognized for Innovation and Excellence

Vanguard Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Packs are known for their quality, innovative design and powerful performance. Recently, Vanguard was recognized for its industry-leading battery technology with two different awards. 


Vanguard 48V 1.5kWh* Commercial Battery (Si1.5) named one of Equipment Today’s 2023 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products

Equipment Today magazine and, both nationally recognized publications serving the commercial construction industry, have named the Vanguard Lithium-Ion 48V 1.5kWh* Commercial Battery (Si1.5) as one of the 2023 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products. The Contractors’ Top 50 New Products list showcases the new equipment and products that construction equipment owners and end users identify as the most interesting and intriguing. 

Selected for its cutting-edge design and groundbreaking approach to technology, the Si1.5 Battery is one of the latest additions in power from Briggs & Stratton. The Si1.5 Battery features an innovative, self-contained package with a handle on top for easy swapping between equipment — or equipment and charger — on the jobsite. 

With safety and durability paramount in its design, the Si1.5 Battery is built tough with a diecast aluminum casing that adds rigidity and reduces vibration and shock response from the pack. When facing jobsite debris, moisture or extreme temperatures, users can confidently run the Si1.5 Battery and expect a safe, powerful performance that will get the job done.

Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, this globally distributed product is backed by the robust Briggs & Stratton dealer network. 

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North American Die Casting Association recognizes Vanguard 3.5kWh* Commercial Battery for excellence

The North American Die Casting Association has recognized the Vanguard 48V 3.5kWh* Commercial Battery with an award for excellence for its ruggedly built diecast aluminum enclosure. 

Designed to be easily integrated into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment, the 3.5kWh* Commercial Battery features a unique Cell Module Assembly (CMA) design for efficient power and safety. Operators and OEMs can expect unmatched durability from the battery’s diecast aluminum casing that is designed to keep out debris and dirt and withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, impact and vibration. 

The diecast aluminum casing is standard on nearly all Vanguard batteries and has empowered OEMs across industries to comfortably adopt battery power, knowing their equipment's power source is protected by the toughest enclosure against the most extreme conditions.

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*Total energy measured using a 0.2C discharge per IEC 61960-3:2017