48V 3.5kWh* Commercial Battery

48V 3.5kWh* Commercial Battery

Fixed Battery Pack - Fi3.5

  • NEW!
  • For maximum durability and protection, we pack our Cell Module Assembly (CMA) units in a diecast aluminum casing.
  • To serve both OEMs and operators, we have created a total solution that seamlessly integrates with OEMs’ equipment. Operators can expect instant, reliable power for the job at hand.
  • Our battery’s modular design was designed by expert engineers to apply power you can rely upon.
  • To get more information, download our battery literature.


All-In-One System

The commercial battery is part of an all-in-one system; this includes its lithium-ion cells, computerized Battery Management System, and charger.

Advanced Technology

We are committed to safety and efficient operations, which is why the Battery Management System (BMS) constantly measures voltage and temperature.

Power Agnostic

Vanguard batteries can power a diverse range of applications across many markets.

Safety Everyone Can Count On

There is very limited plastic or combustible material on the inside of the battery.

Zero Emissions

The complete elimination of harmful gases makes this product great for indoor use and reduces environmental impacts.

8 Year Commercial Limited Warranty

Vanguard now offers an 8 year commercial limited warranty for all lithium-ion battery packs. CLICK HERE for more information.


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*Total energy measured using a 0.2C discharge per IEC 61960-3:2017

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