Vanguard® Discusses Full-System Solutions with Power & Motion Magazine

Vanguard continues to expand its portfolio with the new addition of electric motors and motor controllers. With this new offering, OEM customers can benefit from complete system solutions for electrifying their product lines.

Toby Canapa, Product Manager for Electrification, spoke with Power & Motion magazine to give insight into the new addition and how they benefit the industry's continued development of electrification solutions. 

“By expanding our product portfolio to include motors and motor controllers, our customers will be able to source, integrate, launch, and support their applications more efficiently and can look forward to a faster time-to-market and cost savings,” Toby said. 

The article highlights in 2024, OEM customers have the option to choose from various power options, including the MVG series motors (MVG1500, MVG2200, MVG3000, and MVG4000) and the MC series motor controllers (MC2000, MC4000, and MC8000). These products are designed to meet various machine voltage requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for customers’ specific needs. 

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