Spark Plug/Ignition System Maintenance

Spark Plug Maintenance

How to replace:
  1. Locate the spark plug(s). If unsure where it is, consult your Operator Manual or the example images below. 
  2. Once you have located the location of the spark plug(s), remove them with a spark plug wrench (part 19576S). 
  3. To confirm the correct spark plug(s) for your engine, consult your local dealer. Have your model type trim (MTT) and engine serial number ready. 
  4. Once you have the new spark plug, check and adjust the gap  if needed.
  5. Install the spark plug with the spark plug wrench (see directions on the back of the packaging). 
  6. Consult your Operator Manual for details on how often to change your spark plug.

Ignition System Maintenance

(My engine doesn't start, I don't have a spark, troubleshooting the ignition system)

Purchase a service tool from your local dealer (19368), this allows you to check the ignition system to verify it's working if you want to troubleshoot it.