Vanguard 1050W Charger

Vanguard 1050W Charger

  • Works seamlessly with battery pack

  • Bluetooth capabilities for monitoring

  • AC Input and DC Output specifications

  • Fast recharge time of 3 hours (2.5kWh), 6 hours (5kWh) and 12 hours (10kWh)

  • Can be connected in parallel to reduce charging time to as little as 1.5 hours



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Enclosure Rating
IP66, NEMA 4
Voltage Range, rated (AC Input)
100-240 Vac
Voltage Range, operating (AC Input)
85-265 VAC (< 108 Vac: reduced power)
Frequency, rated (AC Input)
50-60 Hz
Frequency, operating (AC Input)
45-65 Hz
Phase (AC Input)
Current, maximum (AC Input)
< 12 A
Efficiency (AC Input)
< 91% peak, CEC test procedure, 115 Vac, AC and DC losses included
Protection (AC Input)
Current limit, surge, transient, under voltage, over voltage
Power (DC Output)
1050 W
Top Voltage (V)
36 Vdc, 54 Vdc, 72 Vdc (DC Output)
Current, maximum (DC Output)
25 A, 25 A, 22 A
Voltage, min start-up (DC Output)
10 Vdc
Protection (DC Output)
Current limit, short circuit, reverse polarity, under voltage, over voltage, wrong battery voltage
Operating Temperature Range
-25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature Range
-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
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