48V 5kWh* Commercial Battery

48V 5kWh* Commercial Battery

Fixed Battery Pack - Fi5.0

  • NEW!
  • For maximum durability and protection, we have enclosed the Cell Module Assembly (CMA) units in a diecast casing.
  • For OEMs and operators, it's a total solution. OEMs get easy integration with their equipment and components that are serviceable. Operators get instant, reliable power for their jobs.
  • You can confidently apply battery power using modular designs that are engineered by experts.
  • To get more information, download our battery literature.



Ability to add capacity ranges based on customer needs by connecting packs in parallel. For example, five 5kWh packs can be connected together for 25kWh of energy.

More Uptime

Minimal scheduled maintenance is required throughout the battery pack's long life of up to 2,000 cycles. All major components are serviceable, and it’s possible to replace individual sections, eliminating the need to replace the entire battery.

The Confidence You Want

Our Battery Management System is a dedicated technology, monitoring the pack's voltage and temperature to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Integrates Easily

OEMs can easily exchange information with the battery pack using its two CANbus ports. One CANbus uses the J1939 automotive standard, while the other is designed for uncomplicated data transfer with the OEM's current communication network: No reprogramming of that network is required.

Simple Troubleshooting

Diagnostics can be performed using typical CANbus protocols.

The Industry’s Best Warranty

LEARN ABOUT our exceptional three-year limited warranty for commercial products.


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Fi Series Name
Lithium-Ion, 14S
Nominal Voltage (V)
Top Voltage (V) per IEC 61960
Top Voltage (V) for EV-Applications
Cutoff Voltage (V)
Nominal Capacity per IEC 61960
98.7 Ah / 5.0 kWh
Communication Protocols
J1939 (29-bit), CAN Open (11-bit)
Discharge Temperature Range
-20°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature Range (1 Month / 1 Year)
-20° to +60°C / -20°C to +25°C
Charging Temperature Range
-10°C to +45°C
Marketed Durability Hours/Cycles
2000 cycles to 80% initial capacity
Rated Charging Current (A)
Rate Discharging Current (A)
Parallel Capable
Yes, up to 10 batteries
Standard Charge Time
< 6 Hours
Vanguard Charger Output Power (W)
1050 W
On-Board or Stand Alone
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