Vanguard Battery: Why it could be the right power solution for your application

Since the 1980s, lithium-ion battery usage has grown substantially — now most consumers even keep one in their pocket. From cell phones to equipment electrification, lithium-ion batteries are an increasingly popular power source.

Vanguard® designed the first fully integrated commercial lithium-ion battery to hit the market, helping more manufacturers seamlessly apply battery power to their equipment. Stephen Avery, application engineer for electrification at Briggs & Stratton, describes what makes Vanguard Battery an attractive alternative power solution.

Q. Why was the Vanguard Battery developed?

A. We observed a need in the marketplace for a lithium-ion battery that could serve manufacturers looking for power in the half-kWh up to 20- or 40kWh range. Until the Vanguard Battery was introduced, there were only static, one-size-fits-all lithium-ion batteries that typically served two types of equipment: small power tools or large electric vehicles.

For decades, an entire “middle” market has gone unserved with no manufacturer offering a reliable, scalable lithium-ion battery solution for those looking for a midrange power solution — until now. It’s exciting for Vanguard to be able to meet the electrification needs of our current customers as well as new customers for whom engines aren’t an option.

Q. What makes Vanguard Battery unique?

A. The Vanguard Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery is the only fully integrated, complete battery solution on the market. The Battery Management System is integrated within the Vanguard lithium-ion battery pack, which works seamlessly together with a controller and charger to deliver efficient power and performance.

It’s built to be flexible, and up to four of the Vanguard Lithium-Ion Batteries can be paralleled at a time to meet varying power application needs. The battery also features two customizable CANbus networks that integrate with legacy systems, and a pre-qualified and plug-in ready charging system can be mounted on or off-board.

Quote- “We observed a need in the marketplace for a lithium-ion battery that could serve manufacturers looking for power in the half-kWh up to 20- or 40kWh range.” – Stephen Avery, Briggs & Stratton

Q. Can it stand up to rigorous applications and environments?

A. Absolutely. Not only does the battery provide reliable power and performance, we housed it in a pressure-washer rated enclosure. A durable metal outer shell provides maximum protection for operation in any environment.

Our customers work hard in the field — and dust, dirt and mud are par for the course on the job site. No other battery currently on the marketplace delivers scalable performance and can be pressure-washed once the job is done.

Q. How has the battery been applied?

A. We applied the first Vanguard battery to a mid-sized unmanned ground vehicle built by ARGO®  XTV, a manufacturer of extreme terrain vehicles. The Vanguard battery-powered ARGO J8 is in use by the United States Army and other allies to assist with load carrying for service men and women and supports them in various mission efforts. The fully battery-powered unit is primarily operated in fully autonomous and tele-operation modes, keeping service men and women out of harm’s way. 

Vanguard recently announced a second application with a large manufacturer of light electric vehicles to power a new line of lithium-ion vehicles beginning in June 2020.

Hear more about how Vanguard Battery is changing the landscape of power solutions by watching Stephen Avery’s interview with at CONEXPO 2020.