Vanguard EFI provides a growing lineup of engines, wide range of diagnostic solutions, unmatched training and service and optimal performance benefits for a wide variety of applications. Vanguard EFI is available on the 810cc V-Twin, Big Block V-Twin and Small Block V-Twin engines to provide specific benefits for each application.

Performance Benefits

Vanguard EFI Performance Benefits

Vanguard EFI provides a wide range of benefits for a versatile line of applications. These benefits include reduced fuel consumption providing up to 25% better fuel economy than a carbureted engine (closed-loop systems only), increased power, alcohol stale fuel resistance, and engine performance that increases governing control and load acceptance. Vanguard EFI systems also deliver optimized starting, including cold & hot restart and chokeless starting.

† The closed-loop EFI system offers savings that will vary based on cutting conditions and operator usage.

  Fuel Economy Starting Load Pick-up Power Altitude Comp
Dual Port Injection

RPM vs. Air Density Map  
Transistor Ignition Coils    
Intake System Tuning      
Valve Timing      
Oxygen Sensor (Closed-Loop)      

EFI Engine Line Up

Vanguard EFI 810cc Engines

810cc V-Twin

24.0, 26.0, 28.0 Gross HP*

The Vanguard 810cc EFI features an automotive-style closed loop system, which provides fuel savings, load governance, startability and altitude compensation - all ideal for commercial turf applications.

Vanguard EFI Big Block V-Twin Engines


Horizontal Shaft: 33.0,35.0, 37.0 Gross HP*(993cc)
Vertical Shaft: 33.0 Gross HP* (896cc), 35.0, 37.0 Gross HP* (993cc)

The Vanguard Big Block EFI serves primarily in the Mud Boat, Construction, and Commercial Turf markets. The open-loop (marine) EFI system adds the benefits of increased power, throttle response, load governance and altitude compensation. The closed-loop EFI systems provides fuel savings, load governance, startability and altitude compensation optimal for turf and construction applications.


Vanguard EFI Engines

Vanguard EFI is backed by a reliable set of service solutions and diagnostics. These service solutions eliminate downtime by providing easy identification of issues in the field and give technicians unmatched ability to test, update, save and share engine data. In-field blink codes are supported by Vanguard's exclusive Power Code, a Tiny Scan reader that can be plugged into the service port to display error codes. Other diagnostics capabilities include a cable and software connecting the ECU to a computer to give technicians a deeper dive into engine data.

This software provides the user the ability to download and flash ECU with updated calibrations in the field, and slewing controls make for a quick diagnosis and capability to export to Excel. The Vanguard EFI system also comes with a Service and Diagnostic Manual, featuring easy to use flow-charts with full color images and color wiring diagrams.

Service & Training

Vanguard Engines EFI

To support the service solutions and diagnostics, Vanguard EFI offers the industry’s only hands on EFI service, education and training. The training is accessed through in person classes, live streaming, or our online video library. These programs reach thousands of technicians and dealer personnel annually to keep them up-to-date on the latest engine technologies. Vanguard provides unmatched world-class service, education and training to eliminate downtime and increase productivity.