People & Process

Assembled in the USA, precision and pride go into each and every Vanguard 810.

Parts & Testing

Get to know the exclusive parts and testing that guarantee legendary Vanguard durability.

Features and Innovations

Features and Innovations

Debris Chopper Fan

Excellent debris management and up to 30-degree cooler engine temparatures.

Features and Innovations

Cylinder Access Panels

For quick and easy visual check and debris removal.

Features and Innovations

Aluminum Valve Covers

Tight radial clamp load for better seal.

Features and Innovations

Cylinder Air Cleaner

Provides longer life in dusty conditions.

Features and Innovations

Vanguard® Cylinder Head and Valve Seats

Gaseous Engine Valve seats and high-temp valves withstand all-day cutting head temperatures.

Features and Innovations

Heavy-Duty Cylinder and Sump

Structural and machining improvements achieve higher surface tolerances and maximize durability.

Features and Innovations

Forged Connecting Rods

Large bearing surface and BIG BLOCK™ aluminum casting process for added density and strength.

Features and Innovations

Automotive Pistons

Advanced pin-design and plasma-coated top compression ring for durability and oil control.

Features and Innovations

Fire Ring Head Gaskets

Motorsports design maintains seal of higher combustion pressures.

Features and Innovations

Forged Crankshaft

Dynamically balanced for smooth operation, forged for superior tensile strength and longer service life.

Features and Innovations

High-Flow Blower and Static Guard

More than 30 percent larger intake surface area than the next-closest competitor. 2014-compliant static guard comforms to new ANSI B71.4 regulations and ensures proper cooling.

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