Smart engine. Even smarter diagnostics.

Vanguard® 810cc Series Engines with closed-loop EFI are built for the long haul. And comprehensive diagnostics play an integral role in the longevity of any engine. Only Vanguard offers three ways to diagnose and monitor the engine, providing more information than ever before for maximum productivity and reliability.

Easy Code Translation

Instant In-Field Interpretation

Total Shop Analysis

Vanguard EFI Easy Code Translation

Each engine is equipped with a service light that communicates diagnostic codes. These can be easily translated by scanning the Power Code on the engine.

Vanguard EFI Instant In-Field Interpretation

Vanguard is the only brand offering an EFI engine for ZTRs that can use a Tiny Scan reader to automatically display numeric or alpha diagnostic messages.

Vanguard EFI Total Shop Analysis

Vanguard EFI engines offer more advanced diagnostic analysis than competitive systems by giving staff unmatched access. Simply connect the ECM with a computer to test, update, save and share data.

810 EFI Video

See how closed-loop EFI can help get more done and save up to 25%* in fuel.

Features and Innovations

Closed-Loop EFI System

Closed-Loop EFI System

Offers up to 25% better fuel economy* than its carbureted counterpart.

Flow-Through Fuel Pump

Flow-Through Fuel Pump

For better durability versus a diaphragm pump that can crack and leak over time.

Unmatched Diagnostics

Unmatched Diagnostics and Engine Data

Only Vanguard offers three diagnostic options, allowing easy identification of issues in the field, and providing technicians with the unmatched ability to test, update, save and share engine data.

Debris Chopper Fan

Innovative Debris Chopper Fan

Excellent debris management and up to 30-degree cooler engine temperatures.

High-Flow Blower and Static Guard

2014-Compliant Static Guard

Conforms to new ANSI B71.4 safety regulations and ensures proper cooling and features 32% more open area than competitive options.

Cyclonic Air Cleaner

Cyclonic Air Cleaner

Provides longer life in dusty conditions.

Cylinder Head and Valve Seats

New Vanguard™ Head and Seats

Gaseous engine valve seats and high-temp valves withstand all-day cutting head temperatures.

Heavy-Duty Cylinder and Sump

Heavy-Duty Cylinder and Sump

Structural and machining improvements achieve higher surface tolerances and maximize durability.

Automotive Pistons

Automotive Material Pistons

Advanced pin-design and plasma-coated top compression ring for durability and oil control.

Forged Connecting Rods

Forged Connecting Rods

Large bearing surface and BIG BLOCK™ aluminum casting process for added density and strength.

Fire Ring Head Gaskets

Fire Ring Head Gaskets

Motorsports design maintains seal of higher combustion pressures.

Forged Crankshaft

Forged Crankshaft

Dynamically balanced for smooth operation, forged for superior tensile strength and longer service life.

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* Fuel savings may vary based on cutting conditions and other factors.