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Powering various types of pumps.

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Powering various types of pumps.

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Powering Tillers, Wheeled Trenchers, Stand-on Track Trenchers and Stump Grinders.

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Powering Seed Tender Units.

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Powering Chippers, Shredders, Trimmers and Grinders.

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Powering Mosquito Fogging Equipment.

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Powering Portable Pumps.

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Powering Overseeders and Turf Rakes.

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Powering Push blowers and Leaf Vacuums.

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Powering Texture Sprayers.

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Powering Portable Sawmills.

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Powering Hydraulic Earth Drills.

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Powering Skid/Trailer Mount Truckloaders.

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Powering Quality Pull Mowers.

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Powering EasyPick Harvest Assistant.

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Powering Pumps and Motors.

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Powering Wood Chippers and Lawn Vacuums.

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Powering Lawn Vacuums.

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Powering Commercial Grade Log Splitters.

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Powering various types of pumps.

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Powering Industrial Air Compressors.

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Powering Lawn Vacuums.

Check out all TracVac products >

Powering Stump Cutters and Brush Chippers.

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Powering Industrial Portable and Vehicle-Mounted Generators.

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Powering Cyclone Rakes and Lawn Vacuums.

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Our Vanguard engines feature a host of innovative components and systems to reduce heat build up, restrict debris intake, minimize vibration and dampen noise. Durable, reliable and versatile, Vanguard delivers the productivity demanded by serious landscape and agricultural professionals.

New Vanguard® 400

  • 408cc Engine
  • Standard Integrated Cyclonic Air Filtration
  • 3-in-1 controls with the new TransportGuard®

35.0 Gross HP*

  • 993cc Engine
  • Magnetron® Electronic Ignition
  • Advanced Debris Management

18.0 Gross HP*

  • 570cc Engine
  • Advanced Debris Management
  • 3-Year Commercial Engine Warranty
*All power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 RPM per SAE J1940.