A Behind-The-Scenes-Look at Developing the First Robotic ARGO Extreme Vehicle

When ARGO says their vehicles “Go Anywhere”, they mean ANYWHERE. ARGO products can swim across water, power through the mud, drive over logs, and traverse the terrain in challenging environments where other four-wheel ATVs cannot go. That’s why ARGO vehicles have been the standard for recreational vehicles. And that's why choosing the right partner and battery to electrify such a vehicle was an extreme challenge.

"There are a lot of companies in the world making lithium-ion batteries, but there aren’t many that take it to the professional level of Vanguard.”

Andy Buck, Director of Commercial and Robotics Sales, ARGO.


Aiming to remove dangerous tasks from human hands and transfer them to autonomous vehicles, during development of the new robotic product, the ARGO team saw an opportunity to increase safety by using battery power instead of gasoline engines. When choosing a power solution, ARGO placed an emphasis on reliable performance, customer value and the manufacturer’s reputation in the marketplace.

"We can get an ARGO unit anywhere people need it to go, just without the people.”

Andy Buck, Director of Commercial and Robotics Sales, ARGO.

ARGO had a laundry list of power needs:

  • durability under duress
  • serviceability for ease of maintenance
  • integrated components for seamless performance
  • increased safety
  • a solid, globally acting partner


And finally, whatever powers an ARGO unit has to go anywhere the vehicle can go — including water.


The ARGO team determined Vanguard was the most solid option for providing a lithium-ion battery solution that could stand up to the rigorous environments in which its vehicles operate. The fact that the team members enjoyed a great experience working with Vanguard to power ARGO units with Vanguard commercial engines also influenced their decision.

A product breakthrough of this magnitude demanded a first-of-its-kind battery solution. Vanguard worked closely with the ARGO team to develop and integrate the Vanguard Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack into the ARGO robotic vehicle.


  • Vanguard 48V 5.0 kWh fixed commercial battery provides power of 5 kWh* on limited space and is scalable up to 20kWh when utilizing 4 of them
  • withstands the vibration and impact of rugged environments
  • is dust-, dirt- and water-resistant
  • battery can be serviced and repaired under a singular part number instead of recycled and replaced
  • incorporates diagnostic tools to easily advise on a solution regardless of location
  • features internal contactors to completely shut off all the power within the system


The ARGO team cites Vanguard’s level of service and support during the product application process as key to the success of their new vehicle. One huge differentiator — the vehicle’s performance was tested to the limit, fine-tuned and customized at one of Vanguard’s Power Application Centers. Over time, the team also finds value in having the weight of the Briggs & Stratton brand behind their product. The Vanguard Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack will be supported wherever in the world the ARGO robotic vehicle works. This commitment to ARGO’s end customer as well as to the team at ARGO is proof of how much Vanguard puts into every power solution — and every relationship.

"That’s fairly unique on a battery, but it’s a critical component for our customer’s safety. When maintenance needs to be performed, having the ability to completely shut off all the power within the system is a crucial feature.”

Andy Buck, Director of Commercial and Robotics Sales, ARGO.

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