Oil Guard™

Extended Oil Maintenance Intervals.

Extensive research shows that the biggest single factor for reducing productivity in a commercial cutting fleet is downtime for scheduled maintenance. Vanguard looked for ways to reduce downtime associated with the most significant maintenance item – engine oil. The result is the groundbreaking Oil Guard™ System.

  • 500 Hour Oil Maintenance Intervals

    Less downtime means more time on the job.

  • 60% Cost Savings

    Per season, per unit on oil maintenance.**

  • Cleaner, Faster, Easier Oil Changes

    An easy fill cap and integrated oil filter make oil changes faster and simple.

  • Allows up to 45° inclination

    Engine can operate continously at angles up to 45°.***

Models where Oil Guard™ option is available

* All power levels are stated gross kW at 3'600 rpm per SAE J1940.
** Cost savings are based on standard oil maintenance with 100-hour interval versus Oil Guard™ System 500-hour service interval.
*** Refer to specific usage / operating conditions as approved by the equipment manufacturer in the operator's manual.

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