As the industry leader in applying power to commercial applications, Vanguard works side-by-side with our customers to develop, innovate and solve problems. We can promise you a lot. But here you can see what powering your future means to us. We have already developed new products together with these partners. Whether you need a single cylinder, V-Twin engine or lithium ion battery that is fixed or even swappable, our power solutions don’t quit until the job is done. Let yourself be inspired!

Self-propelled, battery operated shredder/chipper

  An industry-first battery driven innovation created to make it easier for garden
contractors to dispose of their trimmings and designed to be 100% emissions-free at point of use.

Next generation petrol compactor

Compaction plates that provide reduced environmental impact
and lower total cost of ownership for the rental market.

The world's first fully electric toilet servicing machine

All electric solution for a toilet serving machine that can endure extreme operating
conditions while working on zero-emissions.

Autonomous agricultural vehicle

  A unique multifunctional easy-to-use battery-driven vehicle that helps with everyday
demands in a more environmentally friendly farming.

Want to find out, how teamwork makes your dreams work? Get
in contact if you want us to power your future bestselling products.

Pioneering push rod system solution

A highly innovative steerable rod pusher driven by Vanguard lithium-ion battery pack
reducing workload, time and costs when laying pipelines in residential areas where low emission operation is required.

First ever fully electric, static and dynamic penetrometer

Improving a bestseller: simple and fast diagnostics on-site with zero-emissions for the
geotechnical, geophysical and environmental research sectors.

Battery powered golf cart

Can do-mentality meeting an aggressive timeline created a powerful best-in-class golf
car that now leads the Lithium-Ion market .

Battery-powered autonomous vehicle 

An off-road commercial application that can nearly go everywhere in challenging
environments powered by the robust Vanguard fixed battery system.

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premium, durable commercial grade engines and battery packs.

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