When industry leaders team up to create the next generation of petrol compactors you get a solution that is extraordinary.

European powerhouse Boels Rental wanted a fleet of compaction plates that provide reduced environmental impact and lower total costs of ownership. AMMANN and Vanguard rose to the challenge by creating a compactor that is anything but ordinary.

"We cut our service intervals in half, lowered our oil waste and recycling and reduced the environmental impact of our fleet.
The total cost of ownership is significantly lower with the Vanguard engines.”

Guy Cremer – Director of Fleet operations, Boels Rental

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It’s not by chance that Boels Rental has established themselves as a European powerhouse in the equipment rental industry. They understand what their customers want and they deliver world class solutions to meet those stringent needs.
It was this, coupled with their commitment to more sustainable power solutions that drove Boels to challenge AMMANN and Vanguard to create the next generation of petrol compactors. One that reduced environmental impact, increased productivity for their customers and lowered their total cost of ownership.

"Having worked with Vanguard in the past, we are familiar with their reliable, efficient and powerful engines. We were so convinced about the advantages of Vanguard engines that we decided to exert as much influence as we possibly could.”

Guy Cremer – Director of Fleet Operations, Boels Rental


When Boels suggested using a Stage V Vanguard engine, our application experts worked with AMMANN to choose the best power solution for the job – the Vanguard 160, our commercial grade single-cylinder engine built from the ground up to deliver ultimate productivity with lower TCO.

The project required a fully collaborative approach, fusing Vanguards 100+ years of engine innovation with AMMANN’s rich history in machine manufacturing and Boels’ industry leading expertise in the rental market.

But it’s not just the engine that makes a difference. Vanguard’s customer-first philosophy was also considered. As well as 3 + 1 year commercial limited warranty, our team of application experts go above and beyond to make sure the engine and equipment work together to deliver maximum productivity.


The reknown AMMANN APF 14/50 now powered by the Vanguard 160 single-cylinder commercial engine. A truly extraordinary compactor.

"The beauty of the new Vanguard 160 Engine from an engineering perspective is that it is a drop-fit replacement. That way we were able to keep development cost to a minimum. The support from Vanguard was also exemplary which helped keep the project timeline on track.”

Yannick Weiss – Design Engineer, AMMANN

All Vanguard engines are designed with productivity and bottom line in mind. Being a drop-fit replacement for AMMANN’s existing APF 14/50 frame meant they could integrate the new power solution quickly and easily. The compact design, standardised mounting pattern and on-going support from the Vanguard team made switching the engine a simple task for AMMANN’s engineers. And with exceptional performance during testing, the project couldn’t have run any smoother.



Teamwork is what made this project so successful. Industry leaders working together to create a solution that brings benefits to everyone: AMMANN, Boels and their customers – this is what Vanguard is all about.

Helping you get the job done.
More efficiently and more profitably.

"This compactor delivers everything the rental industry has been asking for and more. Reduced environmental impact, lower total cost of ownership, less maintenance and downtime, resulting in increased productivity and improved ROI."

Paul Bramhall – Director Rental EMEA, Briggs & Stratton



  • Extended maintenance intervals means less equipment downtime 
  • Reduced environmental impact resulting from less oil usage 
  • Easier, simplified starting & operation reduces on-site issues
  • 3+1 Year Commercial limited warranty ensures your asset is fully covered 
  • EU Stage 5 emissions compliant by design
  • TRANSPORTGUARD™ 3-in-1 ignition, fuel and throttle control eliminates oil and fuel dilution during equipment transportation


Within a timespan of 24 months alone, Vanguard single-cylinder powered applications have reduced Boels Rental's ecological footprint tremendously. 

Reducing environmental impact is key to the rental industry and we are doing all we can to help you achieve this. Analysis shows that oil contributes 80%** towards the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of an engine during maintenance – so we’ve designed our engines from the ground up, extending oil change intervals resulting in less oil usage, recycling and wastage.

Game changing innovations – anything but ordinary. 


Everyone wants extra productivity at a lower cost. Our low-maintenance engines use half the amount of oil and air filters compared to the industry standard. And less downtime means greater productivity for your customers and increased ROI for you. 

  • Oil service intervals have been extended to 200hrs – twice as long as the industry standard.
  • With Vanguard, fully cyclonic air filtration comes as standard, extending air filter replacements to 600 hours.

Half the maintenance, lower TCO – not very ordinary. 

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