Vanguard Genuine Parts

Why genuine parts?

When you want to keep your Vanguard engine running as long as possible, it's important to use genuine Vanguard replacement parts. Our genuine components are tested for high quality and engineered to perfectly fit your engine, so safety and optimal performance are ensured. Your engine will run and work the way it is supposed to, for many years to come.

Non-original parts may look the same, but they don't match up to genuine Vanguard parts. Not only can cheaper replacement parts wear faster, they can also cause damage to other parts of the engine. Plus, non-genuine parts may affect the guarantee on your engine.

  • High quality parts for maximum safety, engine lifetime and performance.
  • Specifically designed for Vanguard engines to fit perfectly.
  • Reduced equipment downtime due to longer lifetime of the genuine component.
  • Fuel efficient, emission compliant and supported by our warranty.

Featured Parts

Air filter cartridge


Superior protection against dirt while ensuring a proper fit to your Vanguard engine.

Fuel filter


Makes sure impurities stay out of the fuel, keeping your engine running at full power.

Oil Filter


Used on al Vanguard V-Twin Horizontal Shaft and Vertical Shaft engines.