With over 35 years of experience in applying power to commercial applications from agriculture to construction to unmanned systems, if integrating a complete electrified power solution is what you need — Vanguard is your partner.

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Who We Are.

Briggs & Stratton has been a market leader in applying power to the outdoor power equipment industry for more than 110 years. The Vanguard commercial power division was formed in 1986 with a dedicated focus on applying power to commercial applications.

All Vanguard power solutions are designed with your productivity and bottom line in mind. When you put your trust in Vanguard, we take that as a personal commitment to deliver the power, application expertise and world-class support you not only need but expect.

Expect Innovative Service.

We respond to the problems of seasoned pros by developing practical yet impressive solutions that result in unparalleled power solutions  - and we back them with exceptional service and support.

Expect Application Expertise.

We're experts in matching the right power solution to the right equipment - but it goes beyond that. We ensure the power solution and equipment work in concert to deliver maximum productivity. 

Expect Oustanding Service & Support. 

Take advantage of our extensive commercial dealer network, genuine Vanguard parts programs and online resources. 

Our Battery Story.

The battery challenge.

The battery challenge. It began in 2018 when Vanguard was looking for an electrification partner who had a clear understanding of the commercial market’s needs — and had the ability to manufacture a battery solution that could power a broad range of applications. The battery solution would require a unique design to enable easy integration and would need to facilitate scalability based on specific power requirements. Our vision was to create a battery solution like no other — one that could endure extreme operating conditions, be dust and water resistant, withstand being pressure washed, and be easily serviceable. To achieve this goal would take a partner who could provide all of this without requiring significant volume commitments from the OEM and deliver these smaller quantities with short lead times.

The battery solution.

It soon became clear that no other partner could meet our high standards, and we enthusiastically committed to designing and manufacturing our own Vanguard integrated lithium-ion battery systems in house. Owning and controlling the battery production while providing our extensive power application engineering expertise to OEMs has enabled Vanguard to establish itself as a battery power solution provider of choice.  In addition, our ability to offer integrative battery solutions, scalability and supply has ensured seamless integration of Vanguard batteries into a range of applications for small, medium, and large OEMs. Vanguard provides a compliant electrified power solution package tailored to meet a broad range of needs. We offer OEMs a complete commercial battery solution together with application engineering support and a global after sales service and support network.

Vanguard Battery Technology.

Vanguard’s integrated lithium-ion battery solutions include the battery, Battery Management System (BMS) and charger — enabling robust power to be delivered in a compact package. With simplified integration capabilities and scalable power options from 1.5kWh – 50kWh, Vanguard provides tailored power and integrative solutions to meet your needs.

Our proprietary design incorporating Tier 1 and Tier 2 cells ensures optimal power and performance while providing enhanced longevity to meet the most demanding market needs. Vanguard lithium-ion battery solutions deliver maintenance-free power and are fully serviceable through a global service and support network. 

Why Vanguard.

We are a power solution partner. At Vanguard, we understand the application of tailored power solutions like no other. This is more than what we do, this is who we are. From state-of-the-art testing facilities to global certification and compliance, Vanguard delivers a full-service package to ensure your equipment delivers optimal performance in all conditions in any part of the world. 

From the onset of a project, our power application experts work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure the optimal integration of our battery solutions to your equipment. Our goal is to enable you to maximize the power and performance of your equipment while enhancing the battery longevity.

No job too big or too small.
Manufacturing our own commercial battery systems ensures consistent quality.  By design, this enables us to produce standard specifications to meet OEM demand, thereby ensuring optimal integration and performance for manufacturers of all sizes.

Through our global distribution network and technology partners, we have the capability to facilitate smaller in-region shipments on demand — a unique and unmatched offering for a global power solution manufacturer.

If you require help from an expert power solution partner to electrify your equipment, look no further than Vanguard.  


Vanguard batteries are built to withstand the harshest work environments. Hot, cold, wet, or dry — Vanguard batteries deliver power. Enclosed in a metal roll-cage, these batteries can withstand the most demanding operating conditions. Thermal cycle testing from -40 °C to 80 °C together with dust and water resistance means the batteries deliver the power wherever and whenever you need it. Designed with IP66 connectors, in addition to the dust and water resistance, the Vanguard battery packs can be cleaned with a pressure washer when returned after a hard day at work.


The industry has learned from earlier design miscues. Vanguard commercial batteries incorporate extra layers of safety to the pack. By designing, manufacturing, quality controlling and integrating the battery management system into the pack, Vanguard provides a battery solution that is longer lasting and more powerful — while providing extra performance and data monitoring benefits.

Global Support.

We’re not just a global power expert — our service and support are worlds apart from the rest. 

Vanguard provides a world-class, full-service global support package. From pre-production power integration through our regional Power Application Centers to infield service and support in more than 100 countries — Vanguard has you covered. Furthermore, our commercial battery solutions are all backed by an industry-leading 3-Year commercial limited warranty.

In addition, our global team of marketing experts are on call to help OEMs get the word out anywhere in the world their equipment works.


Tried. Tested. Approved.

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