48V 1.5kWh* Swappable Battery

48V 1.5kWh* Swappable Battery

Swappable Battery Pack - Si1.5


  • Same Battery. Multiple Applications.
  • Ability to swap out from application to application on the jobsite to reduce downtime.
  • Independent paralleling provides the ability to connect multiple batteries easily to get the power you need.
  • Disclaimer: Concept only. What is shown and specs listed will not be final production product.


Reliable and Durable

Withstands abuse, debris & dirt.

User Replaceable

Ability to swap out from application to application on the jobsite to reduce downtime. This allows the user to easily remove batteries without causing strain or injury.

Brand/Equipment Agnostic

Works across multiple product platforms providing flexibility and cost efficiencies. Expandable power allows for more than one pack to power applications, based on how much power is needed.


Single CANbus J1939 communication protocol allows OEMs to communicate with the battery's J1939 (automotive standards) CANbus.

Quick, Tool-less Locking and Unlocking

User will clearly understand if the battery is not locked in and ready. There is a self locking/auto locking feature, and a padlock/cable feature for theft prevention.

Secure Hold on Battery

Minimal movement, if any, to prevent wear on electrical connections.

No-Hassle Troubleshooting

Diagnostic protocols use standard CANbus procedures.

Global Warranty Coverage

Three year limited commercial warranty. See warranty details.


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Si Series Name
Nominal Voltage (V)
Top Voltage (V) per IEC 61960
Top Voltage for EV-Applications
Cutoff Voltage (V)
Nominal Capacity per IEC 61960
29.4 Ah / 1.51kWh
Communication Protocols
CANJ1939 (29-bit, 500kbps)
Discharge Temperature Range
-40°C to +60°C
Charging Temperature Range
0°C to +45°C
Marketed Durability Hours/Cycles
Up to 1,000 cycles to 80% initial capacity
Parallel Capable
Yes, up to 10 batteries
Standard Charge Time
< 2 hours
Vanguard Charger Input Power
<12A, 120V, 60HZ/220V, 50HZ
Vanguard Charger Output Power (W)

*Total energy measured using a 0.2C discharge per IEC 61960-3:2017

Lithium-Ion VS. Lead Acid Batteries

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