EFI should not be a one-size fits all solution. The Vanguard EFI systems were designed to prioritize the benefits of electronic fuel injection to maximize productivity where it matters most, in each application and environment to ensure top engine performance. It’s EFI done right.

A Big Win For Your Bottom Line

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    Reduced Fuel Consumption

    As fuel is delivered more efficiently.

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    Improved Stale Fuel Resistance

    Protects fuel from degradation.

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    Reliable Starting

    Easy, chokeless starting.

Engines with EFI Technology

  810cc EFI
810cc V-Twin Engines
Small Block EFI
Small Block V-Twin Engines
Big Block EFI
Big Block V-Twin Engines
Power Level
(Gross HP)
23.0 33.0
Shaft Vertical Horizontal Vertical

EFI In All The Right Places

  Marine Innovation
Big Block EFI
Commercia Turf Innovation
Big Block & 810cc EFI
Commercial Turf
Construction Innovation
Big Block EFI
Fire Rescue Innovation
Small Block EFI 
Fuel Savings   X X  
Load Governance X X   X
Increased Power X X X  
Startability X X X X
Altitude Compensation X X X X
Throttle Response X      


** 40.0 engines are for marine applications