Vanguard® 1425W Charger

Vanguard® 1425W Charger

  • NEW!
  • Works seamlessly with all Vanguard Battery Packs.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth capabilities for monitoring AC input and DC output specifications.
  • Fast charge times for Vanguard batteries.


Mobile App

The Vanguard Lithium app features wireless Bluetooth communication and is readily available in the app store (Apple and Google).

Efficient Charging

Fast recharge times range from 3-8 hours for the Vanguard Battery product lineup.

Powerful And Convenient

The most powerful fan-less on/off-board charger that works on a standard wall outlet.


Enclosure rating IP66, NEMA 4.

Safe Charging

The Vanguard charger is built with cooling fins that dissipate heat. Passive cooling allows you to both safely and effectively charge your Vanguard batteries.

Supports Many Applications

This charger gives Vanguard batteries the power it needs to support applications in the recreation, floor care, industrial, and outdoor power equipment markets.


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Voltage Range, Rated (AC Input)
100-240 VAC
Voltage Range, Operating (AC Input)
80-265 VAC (<108 VAC; reduced power)
Operating Temperature Range
-25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature Range
-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
45-65 Hz
50-60 Hz
Engine Series
Vanguard 1425W Charger
THREE PHASE 208 VAllmand
<15 A
Run Time Full Load
>91% peak
THREE PHASE 240 VAllmand
30 A
Prime Power
Engine Description
Current limit, short circuit, reverse polarity, under voltage, over voltage, wrong battery voltage
Engine Orientation
Current limit, surge, transient, under voltage, over voltage
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