Vanguard® single cylinder engines. The single advantage.

Vanguard is better at applying power than anyone else. The result of that expertise — our new single cylinder, horizontal shaft engine family. Using a clean-sheet design approach, we built a line up of single cylinder engines that set new standards for what our customers care about. Overall performance. Reliable power. Lower total cost of ownership. And better user-comfort. The practical innovations of our new single cylinder petrol engines allow Vanguard to outperform competitors in all of these categories.

Vanguard beats the competition.
And we can prove it.

Superior Starting.

Watch how Vanguard single cylinder petrol engines start easier and more consistently than the main competitor's. Less effort to start. Greater reliability. The harsher the conditions, the bigger the Vanguard advantage. At -29°C are you confident any engine will start? Vanguard always will.

  Vanguard Main competitor
Reliable starting down to -29°C. check mark Not available

Better Tonal Quality. Quieter by Design.

See why Vanguard single cylinder engines won’t leave operators shaken at the end of the day. Significantly less vibration equals significantly greater operator comfort, which means more productive jobsites than those powered by the competition.

  Vanguard** Main competitor
Quieter. check mark Not available
Less vibration. check mark Not available

Unrelenting Power.

Discover demonstrably more rugged, reliable power. That's what you get with Vanguard single cylinder horizontal shaft engines, no matter the conditions.

  Vanguard Main competitor
With less engine droop when it matters most.   check mark Not available

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Learn why Vanguard single cylinder petrol engines are proven to reduce maintenance costs and keep equipment in the field longer between service intervals.

  Vanguard Main competitor
Standard, true cyclonic action extends air filter replacement to 600 hours.  check mark Optional
2X longer oil and air filter maintenance intervals.  check mark Not available
TransportGuard™ eliminates oil/fuel dilution during transport.  check mark Not available


Find out how much money you can save on oil and air filtration, when you choose to power your equipment with one of the Vanguard single cylinder engines.


Three year limited commercial engine warranty for all applications*.

Vanguard warranty