Part, Engine or Shortblock Online Orders

Can I purchase parts, engines, or shortblocks factory directly through your website?

Although we do sell parts direct, Briggs & Stratton does not sell engines or short blocks factory direct or through our website. Engines and short blocks (as well as the parts and maintenance products) can be purchased locally through a Briggs & Stratton authorized dealer, as well as engine parts and maintenance products.

If you need assistance in locating the part number, please read: How to find part numbers


Download the operator's manual for your Vanguard engine or equipment by following our step-by-step process.


Take advantage of the expertise your local dealer can provide for service and support on your Vanguard engine.

Please read and abide by any applicable Safety Information contained in your engine Operator's Manual. The material provided above is not intended to replace work performed by a Briggs & Stratton authorized dealerTerms and Conditions apply to all of the information presented on this website. Always be sure to completely read and understand your engine Operator's Manual.