Global Three-Year Vanguard Limited Warranty

With the announcement of the new Vanguard Engine Limited Warranty (PDF), Briggs & Stratton becomes the only manufacturer of small, commercial engines to offer a three-year limited warranty on a global scale for a full horsepower range.

This warranty covers all Vanguard air-cooled gasoline engines entering the market worldwide as of July 1, 2010.

This warranty includes:

  • Vanguard air-cooled engines/products in OEM inventory that are put into service after July 1, 2010

  • Vanguard air-cooled engines/products in dealer inventory that are put into service after July 1, 2010

Please note that Vanguard air-cooled engines powering Home Standby Generators (two-year consumer/no commercial warranty) and utility vehicles (two-year consumer/two year commercial warranty) are exceptions and are covered under their own specific warranties. Also, Vanguard 3-cylinder liquid cooled engines maintain their three-year consumer/3-year commercial (major parts only in third year) warranty.


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