With over 35 years of experience in applying power to commercial applications from agriculture to construction to unmanned systems, if integrating a complete electrified power solution is what you need — Vanguard is your partner.

Briggs & Stratton has been a market leader in applying power to the outdoor power equipment industry for more than 110 years. The Vanguard commercial power division was formed in 1986 with a dedicated focus on applying power to commercial applications.

All Vanguard power solutions are designed with your productivity and bottom line in mind. When you put your trust in Vanguard, we take that as a personal commitment to deliver the power, application expertise and world-class support you not only need but expect.

Expect Innovative Service.

We respond to the problems of seasoned pros by developing practical yet impressive solutions that result in unparalleled power solutions  - and we back them with exceptional service and support.

Expect Application Expertise.

We're experts in matching the right power solution to the right equipment - but it goes beyond that. We ensure the power solution and equipment work in concert to deliver maximum productivity. 

Expect Oustanding Service & Support. 

Take advantage of our extensive commercial dealer network, genuine Vanguard parts programs and online resources. 

Warranty for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Vanguard is now offering a competitive 8 year commercial limited warranty. Free replacement of equal or greater value for up to 8 years, or the associated MWh of cumulative discharge, whichever occurs first.

Warranty is valid 8 years from date of sale or if no receipt available it will be based upon manufacture date.

For more details on our Commercial Battery Limited Warranties, download our warranty policy.

Si Series - Swappable Battery Packs

No matter the application, the power needs, the dimensions … we have a power solution that fits nearly every application - and can even be swapped between them! With zero maintenance, zero noise and zero emissions at point of use. We are powering the future with our 48V 1.5kWh* swappable battery!

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) - Improve asset battery utilisation rates by swapping the battery between different machines.
  • Accelerate standardization processes - Easy swapping enables interchangeability across multiple brands and applications.
  • Reduced equipment downtime - Easy latch system allowing to charge one battery while another is in use. Robust aluminium die-cast casing for extra reliability. And literally no maintenance.
  • Fewer batteries, better sustainability - Standardization reduces the number of batteries in production. This can also reduce emissions and noise pollution while minimising the need for mining new materials.
48V Si1.5kWh

48V 1.5kWh commercial battery 

swappable battery pack - Si1.5

Fi Series - Fixed Battery Packs

48V 1.5kWh commercial battery 

fixed battery pack - Fi1.5

24V Fi3.5kWh commercial battery 

fixed battery pack - Fi3.5

48V 3.5kWh commercial battery 

fixed battery pack - Fi3.5

48V 5.0kWh commercial battery 

fixed battery pack - Fi5.0

48V 7.0kWh commercial battery tall 

fixed battery pack - Fi7.0 tall

48V 7.0kWh commercial battery long 

fixed battery pack - Fi7.0 long

48V 10.0kWh commercial battery 

fixed battery pack - Fi10.0

*Total energy measured using a 0.2C discharge per IEC 61960-3:2017

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