5 reasons why an engine will upgrade your company

We are living in a world where change is happening at an ever-increasing rate. Equipment which empowered professionals just 5 or 10 years ago would not be dreamed of being used today. Look at the technological developments which have occurred over the past 20–30 years, and you will agree we live in a totally different world today. We live in a world where old products are pushed aside, and where new technologies raise productivity standards.

Over those years, power and the application of power to get a job done have also changed in many ways. Some established players have simply tweaked old product designs to keep them up to date and meet changes in the market (for example to comply with emissions regulations). They simply apply a philosophy of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Others, however, have risen to the challenge and taken the lead by investing in new designs and technologies to address market-driven issues, and ultimately creating products which deliver superior performance.

However, at times it can be hard to imagine how things could be better or more efficient when we have become so accustomed to using a particular product or brand for so long. Sometimes change can be scary, as we don’t know what it will bring, and we fear it may be for the worse – however, the reality is if we don’t embrace change, we may fall behind our rivals.

The new ground-up designed Vanguard® single cylinder engines do bring change in many positive ways. Here are 5 reasons why an upgrade to a Vanguard engine can change and benefit your company:

  1. Reduced total cost of ownership.
  2. Reduced carbon footprint.
  3. Lower noise and vibration.
  4. TransportGuard™.
  5. Global parts availability & training.

1. Reduced total cost of ownership.

The new range of Vanguard single cylinder engines offers extended service intervals which are 2X LONGER.

The new Vanguard engines are supplied as standard with fully-cyclonic air filter systems featuring advanced Nano Filter Media with Autoshed Technology which provides 120% more dust holding capacity thereby extending air filter replacement intervals up to 600 hours.

The engines also feature an advanced oil management system which allows the engines to run efficiently for up to 200 hours between oil changes.

Vanguard extended maintenance intervals allow you to save money, reduce equipment downtime, and ultimately increase equipment productivity.

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2. Reduced carbon footprint.

The new Vanguard engines deliver less CO2 per g/kW-hr than its predecessors and offer a 50% oil reduction over the engine life, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint.

The ground-up designed engines have been purposefully engineered to surpass the latest emissions regulations, enabling equipment manufacturers the ability to have one specification which has global emissions compliance. In addition with oil service intervals of 200 hours double the industry standard this allows your company to reduce the amount of oil used and recycled by 50%.

Extended air cleaner maintenance intervals further reduce your company’s maintenance parts disposal and recycling needs by up to 50%.

All of these reductions enable your organization to lower its carbon footprint during the equipment usage phase.

3. Lower noise and vibration.

Productivity comes standard. The new Vanguard single cylinder engines deliver lower noise and reduced vibration for improved operator comfort and productivity.

Vanguard engineers looked at each and every point of noise creation within the engine to develop innovative solutions to address each aspect, from muffler to mechanical noise and air flow in to the air cleaner system. The result of this thorough analysis is an engine range with lower full-load and full-speed sound levels.

The engine is designed using advanced CAD technologies to fully simulate the engine performance characteristics in order to address the critical elements creating vibration. By optimizing the cylinder block, reciprocating mass and precision balancing the crankshaft, not only have we managed to reduce vibration but we have also enhanced engine durability.

Reduced noise and vibration enables operators to use the equipment for longer periods, increasing uptime and overall productivity.

4. TransportGuard™.

One of the major issues for any rental company is equipment being returned with oil contamination resulting from operator failure to shut off fuel supply before transporting equipment back to the store.

Vanguard's exclusive TransportGuard technology is the solution to this everyday problem. TransportGuard integrates a single action fuel and ignition shut-off switch. When the equipment operator shuts off the engine ignition, they shut off the fuel supply simultaneously – problem solved. This means fewer unscheduled oil changes and equipment that is ready to rent when customers need it, ultimately minimizing downtown and enhancing ROI.

No more oil/fuel dilution. No more unnecessary costly oil changes. No more unnecessary oil wastage – these are benefits your company can realise when your fleet is powered by Vanguard.

Read more about TransportGuard 3-in-1 Controls.

5. Global parts availability & training.

With Vanguard, you have the support of a global power expert that provides world-class service and support to help you get the job done.

A superior performing engine is essential to your business success. However, after sales service and support is just as crucial. With Vanguard, engine maintenance could not get any easier. We believe you have no time for wasted time. That’s why everything Vanguard does is focused on increasing your productivity and your bottom line. With parts availability when and where you need them, wherever you may be in the world, technical support is just a call or a click away, 24/7/365. Further, power solutions backed by a full 3-year limited commercial warranty, illustrates Vanguard’s commitment to keep your fleet running all day – day after day.

Find out more about how your company can benefit from Vanguard rental training and service & support solutions.


Upgrade to Vanguard, the first ground-up engine design this century.


Paul Bramhall
Senior Manager Marketing for Vanguard Power Europe.