Vanguard NEWS

July 2018


Decade’s old engineering won’t cut it on today’s job site. That’s why our new line of Vanguard™ single cylinder engines is designed from the ground up to deliver what you want – and need – on the job. They’re challenging the competition where it counts, including hassle-free starting, enhanced performance and reduced maintenance. You asked. We delivered.

Vanguard 203cc 4.85 gross kW

Contractors and equipment-users told us that the number one issue they faced when hiring petrol powered equipment related to starting. Recoil starter failures are common and difficult to fix, resulting in the equipment being returned to the hire company for repair, causing lost productivity and increased costs for the contractors.

Hire companies told us that the number one issue for them was equipment being returned to their stores with the engine fuel shut-off being left in the open position, resulting in fuel contaminating the oil when the equipment is transported back to the hire company. This not only leads to unnecessary and costly oil changes, but in addition unnecessary oil wastage.

When designing the new Vanguard 203cc 4.85 gross kW (6.5 gross horsepower) engine, engineers addressed these two very critical issues head-on. 

Firstly starting the engine was simplified to three simple steps:

Step 1: 3-in-1 control allows for ignition, throttle and fuel supply to be activated in one easy step

Step 2: Set the choke to the desired level

Step 3: Pull the rewind, designed to be shorter with less pull force required

By optimising the entire starting process, the new Vanguard engines require less pull force being applied to the recoil starter in order to start the engine. This not only makes the starting easier for the operator, but also enhances the durability of the recoil starter. In addition the starting system has been tested down to -28°c to ensure the easiest and most reliable starting in any condition.

Secondly, by incorporating the patented TransportGuard™ system in to the ignition and throttle switch, the fuel supply is shut-off automatically when the operator turns-off the engine, thereby eliminating operator error of failing to shut-off the fuel supply before transporting equipment either between job sites, or back to the hire company. Problem solved!

This is real innovation. This is productivity defined.



Vanguard Powers Rental Turkey
Vanguard Powers Rental Turkey

Vanguard was a proud sponsor of the inaugural Rental Turkey convention in Istanbul hosted by International Rental News. With more than 250 delegates present and presentations given by some of Europe’s leading hire decision makers, it provided the perfect platform for introducing Vanguard into this emerging hire market.

“Equipment hire in Turkey is still in its infancy compared to many of the developed hire markets in Europe. However Turkey is a large market with a fast growing dynamic economy and being part of the rental convention was important for us to participate in this category from an early stage”, said Paul Bramhall, Senior Manager Marketing – Commercial Engines.

“Each market has its own unique attributes and it is very important to learn first-hand how a market thinks, acts and evolves to ensure we deliver the right value proposition in order to grow”. 



If you are in the chipper shredder business you will not be surprised to see how the new Vanguard EFI V-Twin engines are being tested and specified to power many of the new models in the market today. The performance benefits these engines deliver make them the perfect power solution for any shredder, direct fuel injection with choke-less starting ensures easy starting at any temperature and in any condition, improved load pick-up with altitude compensation and in addition reduced noise and weight over diesel alternatives.

Many leading shredder manufacturers in Europe are already powering with the larger 27.6 gross kW (37 gross horsepower) Vanguard engine for these very reasons, in addition allowing them to produce larger shredders with a gross weight below the critical 750kg limit which ensures they comply with the maximum authorized mass (MAM) for standard vehicle towing without the trailer requiring brakes.

Vanguard EFI V-Twin
Eliet Shredder

In May 2018, Eliet Europe, the Belgian based shredder manufacturer went one step further, introducing the smaller 17.16 gross kW (23 gross horsepower) Vanguard V-Twin in to their all new SUPER PROF MAX shredder. The reason for launching with the new EFI engine was to achieve the very same performance benefits of this technology, but on smaller sized shredders.  

With electronic fuel injection engine technology, the SUPER PROF MAX eliminates many of the performance issues which were sometimes associated with a classic carburettor engine such as residue build-up, leaking during transportation, clogging and other fuel related issue, and in addition can save up to 25% in fuel consumption depending on operating conditions.

The Eliet SUPER PROF MAX will also enter service in hire fleets across Europe with Boels Rental taking first delivery.



Team Bottrill Vanguard

Team Bottrill VANGUARD continued on their winning performance with a dominating exhibition of talent at the recent Tour of Cambridgeshire, which forms part of one of the Gran Fondo World Series events as qualification to the World Championships in Varese Italy on 30th August 2018.

The fastest time of the day was set by Team Bottrill VANGUARD rider Stuart Travis, completing the 26.5km course in a time of 33:58 with an average speed of over 47kmh (29mph), only the third time in the history of the race for a rider to clock a sub 34 minute. This means that the team achieved 11 podium finishes across the various age groups, and 13 riders automatically qualifying for the world championships.

Podium results

The podium results were as follows

19-34 Male – Stuart Travis 1st; George Evans 2nd
19-34 Female – Stephanie Post 3rd
40-44 Male – Brett Harwood 2nd; James Rix 3rd
45-49 Male – Simon Beldon 1st, Lee Morgan 2nd
45-49 Female – Karina Bowie 1st
50-54 Male – David Langlands 1st
55-59 Female – Wends Gooding 2nd

Team time trial event results

Male – Dan Barnett, Stuart Travis, James Rix and Simon Beldon 3rd

Despite a recent crash involving a car when cycling, Matt Bottrill managed to pull off a very respectable time of 35:32 finishing 13th overall on the day. 

In addition, team Bottrill’s George Evans finished 11th in the under 23 British National Time Trial Championships on 28th June, a great result for the George and the team.

British National Time Trial Championships - George Evans