Powerful innovation leaders by design.

Vanguard 200

Vanguard engines are powered by voice-of-customer input and engineered to maximize performance.

We deliver robust power solutions while also maintaining low total cost of ownership. Everything we do is focused on increasing your customers’ productivity and your bottom line.

Decades old engineering won’t cut it on today’s job sites.

That’s why we designed our new line of Vanguard™ Single Cylinder engines from the ground up. Not only does the Vanguard 200 meet the stringent European Stage 5 emissions regulations, we’re challenging the competition head-on with hassle-free starting, enhanced performance and reduced maintenance — so your customers can trust you to help them get the job done.

When you choose Vanguard, you get true collaboration.
Not a transaction.

We’ll work with your preferred OEM partners to ensure perfect alignment of engines and equipment for maximum performance and productivity. And provide support programs that help you improve the efficiency of your after-sales services.



Vanguard 200 vs. industry standard*

* 200cc equivalent engine
** Savings are based on 2000 hours of operation, using original engine manufacturer's oil as well as air filters, and calculated based on distributor market pricing to rental.

Welcome to the World of Vanguard

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Where the combination of new ideas and latest technology becomes innovation. Welcome to the world of Vanguard. See how we’re boldly challenging the powers that be. And making hard work easy.

Who We Are. What We Do. And Why We Do It.

We’re Vanguard. And we’re gamechangers. Our number one purpose is providing powerful, world-class commercial engines that make work easier. Ultimately improving the lives of the people who use them.

A New Standard in Easy Starting and Transport

The new Vanguard 200 engine featuring TransportGuard™ delivers a new, easy experience: It allows for the ignition, throttle and fuel supply to be shut-off in one step versus the three steps it takes leading industry standard engines— making equipment transport trouble free.

  • Easy starting by design

    The number one issue for petrol powered equipment on a job site is starting. Not any more.

    Our engine is designed to start easily in just three steps:

    Step 1: Single lever turns on fuel, ignition and throttle.
    Step 2: Set the choke.
    Step 3: Pull.

  • Less oil wastage by design

    The advanced Vanguard engine design features an industry-leading oil management system that allows the engine to run efficiently for up to 200 hours between oil changes — double the industry standard.

  • Quieter by design

    Hard work need not be loud work. Vanguard engineers examined every point of noise creation within the engine. The result? An engine with a full load full speed sound level that’s 40% quieter1.

  • Lower vibration by design

    Reduced vibration increases productivity. By optimizing the cylinder block, reciprocating mass, and precision balancing the crankshaft, our engine reduces vibration by 15%2 over the leading competitor — while enhancing durability.

  • Easier transport by design

    Our exclusive TransportGuard™ feature solves the number one rental problem — oil-contaminated equipment returns. We designed our engines to eliminate the problem entirely. By simply turning the 3-in-1 control to the STOP position, the engine ignition and fuel supply are shut-off simultaneously. Problem solved.  

  • Extreme operation by design

    Job sites are demanding — so we created an engine to deliver on those demands. The new Vanguard 200 engine is designed to work hard day in and day out. From easy starting down at -29° Celsius to operating on extreme inclinations up to 45° in any direction.

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